About Us

Nativity Parish was established in 1905 as th church at the crossroads of the communities of Snowden Township (South Park) and Baldwin.

We are a people who have come together to grow into a community of faith centered in Jesus Christ. We are challenged to be a people of God offering hospitality and welcome to all who come along the roads leading to our church.

Our parish family reflects a great diversity of ethnic backgrounds, economic resources and lived experiences. We strive for unity in the diversity as we pool our talents and resources to respond to the needs of the local and global community. Drawing upon the example of the Holy Family, we keep our families at the center of our parish life.

Love, Justice, freedom and peace are the Gospel values that mark the roads we travel to reach a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ and His Church. Through worship, education and service we seek to build the kingdom of God as we pass our faith on to our children and all who receive it.

Invoking the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit we strive to be a holy family to today's world, celebrating and rejoicing in the gift of God's love.

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