I rejoiced when they said to me. "Let us go to the house of the Lord." - Psalm 122:1

Parish History

FounadtionIt all began more than 100 years ago when Father Francis J. Hertzog was appointed the First Resident Pastor of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Finleyville, Pennsylvania.

Father Hertzog requested and received permission from the Pittsburgh Catholic Chancery in May, 1905, to establish a Mission Church in Broughton named Nativity. This new mission obtained some congregation from St. Anne's and Holy Angels Catholic Churches.

In September, 1905, Keeling Brothers, who owned a mining company on the South Side of Pittsburgh, built the community's first two room schoolhouse on vacant ground which is now our parking lot and school playground.

Father Hertzog was appointed pastor of the Nativity Mission and served from 1905-1910. He came to Broughton every other Sunday to celebrate Mass in this two room schoolhouse, traveling by horse and buggy or by horseback. Roads were made of mud and the winter months made travel difficult, but Fr. Hertzog always came. He was a small slender man who always greeted everyone with a smile. He worked continuously for the people of this community, but often took time to play baseball with the children.

BuildingNativity was a very poor parish. Parishioners worked in the mining industry and work was not steady. But the parishioners persevered with their goals and dreams, and began raising money to purchase property to build a new church. Disputes occurred as to where the church should be built.

An original offer of three acres of ground in the area known as Granish Hill was turned down as it would have been difficult to reach because of the steepness of the hill. It was finally agreed to buy the ground where the Little White Church was built in 1908. It is where our Church Hall now stands.

Most of the parishioners traveled from Large, Gill Hall, Snowden, Whitehall, Gardenville, Weber (now called Brownsville Road) and from homes in the area that is now the Allegheny County South Park. At that time in history, traveling from some of these areas was considered a haul.