I rejoiced when they said to me. "Let us go to the house of the Lord." - Psalm 122:1

Parish History

In 1922, Father Charles Fehrenbach from St. Joseph's Parish, Mt. Oliver, was assigned as Nativity's next pastor.

BuildingFather Edward A. O'Neill came to Nativity Parish in 1930 and he was pastor till his death in 1957. He served our parish for 27 years which was the longest assignment of any pastor at Nativity. He did little during this time to improve the church property, but he devoted much of his time to the needy people of the parish. He truly helped those that he knew did not have enough to eat or those who had no clothes to wear. He even spent his own money to help the needy.

Following Father O'Neill's death, Father Henry J. Donabedian became pastor of Nativity Church. He served from March 1, 1957 until September, 1965.

Father Donald J. Stoney came to assist Father Donabedian in June, 1958, folČlowed by Father Ralph E. Roos as assistant on October 20, 1959. Father Francis A. Siler was assistant pastor from 1963 until 1970.

In 1957, a new gas furnace along with roof repairs, plastering and painting were needed in the Church. There were now 1100 families in the Parish and the church only sat 300 people. For these reasons, it was time to consider building a new larger church.

The undertaking of this project necessitated the signatures of a Parish Council or of a Church Committee. Under the direction of Father Donabedian, a Church Committee was formed. The men involved in making these monumental decisions were Harry Armany, Peter Maracini, John Cleary, Frank Zupancic, Norman Meisinger and Sigmund Jaworksi.

In 1958, Nativity purchased the Graham-Beerbower Lumber Yard that was adjacent to our property. The following year, the parish bought the Gerbic property that was adjacent to the rectory. Plans could now move forward to build a new church that would seat 800 people, along with the construction of a 16 room school..